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Valor PayTech VP300 Countertop PIN Pad

Valor PayTech VP300 Countertop PIN Pad

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The Countertop Solution With Privacy In Mind

Improve payment processes with the Valor PayTech VP300, an advanced, comprehensive solution that offers a competitive advantage.

  • PCI-PTS 5.0 Certified PinPad
  • Signature Capture
  • Smart Tipping
  • Ethernet, USB and Serial Communication
  • Large Scale Touch Screen Display
  • Built-In Customer Rating System

User-friendly and Intuitive Experience

Indulge in a user-friendly encounter with our spacious touchscreen display and exclusive stylus on our intuitive interface. Explore the digital signature capture function that enriches the overall user experience.

Enhance Payment Security

Provide your customers heightened security features with our enhanced pin pad technology, providing an extra layer of protection during the PIN entry process. The PCI-PTS 5.0 ensures customer security

Customer Feedback & Satisfaction

Utilize our integrated built-in customer feedback rating system for insights to refine services and increase customer satisfaction. Elevate your service excellence, one feedback survey at a time.

Secure and Convenient Contactless Payments

Embrace the future of payments with advanced EMV technology, ensuring utmost security for transactions. Choose from swipe, tap, and dip card payment options, accompanied by a secure digital signature capture feature, making payments both safe and convenient.


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