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Valor PayTech RCKT Mobile POS Terminal

Valor PayTech RCKT Mobile POS Terminal

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Take Payments On The Go

The RCKT offers a secure and user-friendly mobile payment experience. This compact and portable device is designed to accept EMV transactions and easily fits in your pocket, featuring an integrated PIN pad for enhanced security.

  • Handy, Powerful and Flexible
  • Lightweight – made easy to hold
  • Powerful Battery
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • PCI-PTS 5.0 Certified Mobile Dongle

User-friendly and Intuitive Experience

Experience the user-friendly, lightweight, easy-to-hold device with a spacious touchscreen display. Navigate our intuitive interface with wireless Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring reliability and visibility even in dimly lit environments thanks to backlit keys and a long-lasting battery.

Secure and Convenient Contactless Payments

Expand your customer options with Dual Pricing, Cash Discounts, and Surcharges and embrace the future of payments with advanced card technology, offering choices such as swipe, tap, and dip card payment options.

Advanced Technological Expertise

Elevate your security with PCI-PTS 5.0-certified pin pad features, ensuring secure credit, debit, and EBT card transactions. This helps to reduce incidents of counterfeit, lost, and stolen card fraud through EMV security. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Boost Sales with Advanced Technology Expertise

The credit, debit, and EBT-enabled device is equipped with remote key injection for downloading encryption keys. It also features plug-and-play functionality. Additionally, it offers data integration with the Valor platform for unified omnichannel commerce and prioritizes merchant convenience and time-saving.


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